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Stories about AVIA

Every story has a beginning.

With AVIA JSC, we begin our story with the desire to continue our cultural values and preserve the Vietnamese national identity.

AVIA is the nucleus to realize the aspirations of a people “turning into dragons”. Using human technology to solve Vietnamese problems, Vietnamese problems and from the cradle of Vietnam. AVIA Joint Stock Company will bring Vietnamese products to the world, solving global problems.

The head of AVIA Joint Stock Company emphasized, AVIA will make everyone proud of Vietnamese products and the world will know Vietnamese people through AVIA.

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  • [Press report] AVIA 3A – Cool source of water for active summer days

    Bringing a sweet and cool feeling when drinking, AVIA 3A water (AMACCAO GROUP) affirms its outstanding quality and customers’ trust when it becomes a popular brand in the summer of 2023. Consumers often look to bottled water products with a good reputation, which has been tested for safety and proven for a long time like...

  • [Press report] Discover 6 features that make the country unique AVIA 3A

    Unlike other bottled water brands on the market, each bottle of AVIA water is a deep understanding of Vietnamese tastes, and pride in traditional values, combined with the world’s leading modern technology. One of the outstanding features of AVIA 3A is its sweet and cool taste like natural rainwater, satisfying the taste buds of the...

  • AMACCAO Group’s AVIA beverage brand has a new brand identity

    (Dan Tri) – With a new brand identity, the AVIA logo has a prominent focus on a rooster crowing. The image shows both the traditional features and the aspiration of the new and brilliant with the symbol “catching the sun”. After many years of development and becoming a familiar beverage product, AVIA – a member...

  • Name the type of bottled water that is being loved by young people

    With a natural sweetness like rainwater, AVIA’s bottled water is gaining popularity among young consumers in Vietnam, surpassing even strange drink trends imported from abroad. When health also becomes a trend among young people The market is constantly witnessing the change of the throne of new drinks, and drinks according to young people’s trends. However,...

  • AVIA Factory is honored to welcome the HAMI delegation to visit

    On November 26, members of HAMI – Association of key industrial products manufacturers in Hanoi had a visit and product experience at AVIA water liquor factory. Previously, on October 29, HAMI Association held its founding meeting with the participation of Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Mr. Nguyen Manh Quyen. This is a forum...

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AVIA Cultural

  • AVIA JSC – AMACCAO Group donates 100,000 bottles of purified water, contributing to the prevention and control of COVID-19

    100,000 bottles of 3A purified water have been awarded by AVIA Joint Stock Company – AMACCAO Group to units participating in the prevention and control of COVID-19 across the country, through the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. AVIA Joint Stock Company – AMACCAO Group presents 100,000 bottles of AVIA – 3A pure water...

  • “Healthy employees, healthy and growing businesses”

    Investing in a fitness room with modern equipment at the Company, the Management Board of AMACCAO in general and AVIA, in particular, emphasize the important role of employees in business development. Recognizing the important role of employees in development, over the past time, besides taking care of the material life of employees, AMACCAO GROUP in...

  • Cat Ba Diary 2019 of the AVIA extended family

    In the remaining sunny days of August, AVIA’s family (members of AMACCAO GROUP) participates in team-building activities and exciting gala nights in the 3-day summer vacation series of 2019. In the middle of the most beautiful island in the Gulf of Tonkin, the AVIA family brightens up the last days of summer with exciting activities...

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