Without following the path of old businesses, AVIA has always been approaching modern technologies and applying automation to production and business activities. All AVIA production lines and machines are imported 100% by foreign experts from Japan and Europe. These experts directly research the product, operate and monitor every production process.


AVIA specialized in positions, functional departments and intensive professional training to reach high productivity. AVIA’s professionalism is also reflected in the service attitude and quality that could satisfy customers beyond their expectations.


AVIA is responsible to its employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners and society for sustainable development. AVIA always dedicates and contributes value to society via its high quality products to promote the spirit of “serving”.


Following cultural values and preserving the Vietnamese national identity, AVIA is building a strategy to promote the country’s essences.
Since the 2000s, the founders of AVIA JSC have always been concerned to build and develop the range of beverage products for Vietnamese and to introduce these products to the world.
Right from the idea to the time it went into operation, AVIA Joint Stock Company has always built for itself a modern and different image but still retains the core values of Vietnamese cultural identity.


AVIA Joint Stock Company is the nucleus to realize the aspirations of a nation “turning into dragon”. Using human technology to solve Vietnamese problems, Vietnamese problems and from the cradle of Vietnam. AVIA will bring Vietnamese products to the world and solve the global problems.
The head of AVIA Joint Stock Company emphasized, AVIA will make everyone proud of Vietnamese products and the world will know Vietnamese people through AVIA.


AVIA’s products will ensure all industry standards, leading to the best and most delicious product line.


With AVIA the customer is always “God”, the seller will have to do their best to serve the customer the best.


To have a good product and be trusted by customers, the technology part is indispensable. Since its inception, AVIA water winery has used the most advanced technologies in the world and is constantly improving and innovating.


Endurance – Perseverance – Resilience – Going to the end.
People: Honest – Passion – Dedicated – Simple.
Wisdom: Learn from the latest – Learn from the latest technology – Learn from the top – Never stop learning.


From the very beginning, the Board of Directors of the Company has invested in research and invited leading professors, doctors, domestic and international experts to participate in consulting to set up a project and start building a manufacturing plant. export AVINAA country wine. After years of development, our transfer team has constantly researched and added new product lines with beautiful designs and outstanding quality.

AVIA Joint Stock Company always puts the interests of consumers first, taking serving the interests of society as the number one priority. Therefore, AVINAA water-alcohol is increasingly widely used and trusted by many customers. Currently, with more than 100 distributors and agents nationwide, AVINAA water liquor is always ready to serve the diverse needs of consumers.

Revenue of AVINAA – 3A drinking water and alcohol products has always achieved an average growth rate of 40%/year from 2014 until now, competing with other major brands in the country. It can be said that AVINAA – 3A bottled water and products of Vodka, apple cider, and Kymoon ginseng are the results of the convergence of the investment, efforts, and enthusiasm of AMACCAO Group in general and AVIA JSC in particular.

Our Products

AVIA currently owns many prestigious brands such as Purified water AVIA – 3A, Alkaline Ion Water I-ON 3A, An Nam rooster wine, Akashi fruit wine, Kymoon – Ginseng Liquor, Meo Apple Cider (TÁO MÈO), AVIA Vodka 3A Alcohol…

Currently, AVIA – 3A purified water with unique quality and design has become the Top 3 famous pure water brands in Vietnam, awarded the certificate of merit by the Government and is a product widely consumed in the nationwide.

Technology Equipment

AVIA water winery is the only factory invested 100% by Vietnamese people with 100% equipment imported directly from the US and Japan, fully automated. AVIA owns an extremely large and modern water filtration system, wine filter and brewing tank system, with the same quality and standards as the world’s major wine and country brands.

Particularly for AVIA – 3A water, groundwater taken from a depth of 200m after being raised will be treated through a sophisticated and modern filtration system, which is closely monitored and tested according to international quality standards. The special filtration method allows to retain the natural taste available in the original groundwater, creating a sweet taste like natural rainwater, making people drink it once. This is only available in AVIA – 3A.


Certificates and certifications on alcohol – water products of AVIA Joint Stock Company (Member of AMACCAO Group)

Các chứng chỉ và chứng nhận về sản phẩm rượu  – nước công ty cổ phần AVIA (Thành viên tập đoàn AMACCAO)

Certificates and certifications on alcohol – water products of AVIA Joint Stock Company (Member of AMACCAO Group)