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Regulations on the use of bottled water AVIA 3A

AVIA 3A bottled water is extracted from extremely deep water and produced with 10 times filtration method using smart and modern technology of the United States.

Note: Store in a clean, cool place, away from direct light, strong odors, and chemicals.

AVIA 3A bottled water quality criteria

With modern extraction and production methods according to European standards, AVIA 3A bottled water is not only sweet and cool like the taste of natural rainwater but also has the quality guaranteed to European standards, very good for health.

AVIA 3A bottled drinking water is produced according to QCVN6-1:2010/BYT.

Quality criteria:

– NO2- does not exceed 3 mg/l

– NO3- does not exceed 50 mg/l

– Mn does not exceed 0.4 mg/l

– Cu does not exceed 2 mg/l

How to buy AVIA products?

Currently, AVIA Joint Stock Company has more than 100 distributors and agents spread across the country. We are always ready to bring you quality products anytime, anywhere.

To find and buy AVIA products, you can search for distributors and agents in your area by accessing AVIA’s Distribution System and clicking search for distributors and agents according to the list cities in the search box.

How has AVIA purified water been treated?

AVIA 3A bottled drinking water is extracted from underground water with a depth of over 200m in the land of Dong Anh – Hanoi, where special geology helps create a different water source. After that, it is processed through a sophisticated and modern filter system according to the modern technology of ISRAEL (made in the United States), which is closely monitored and tested according to international quality standards. allows to retain the natural taste available in the primordial groundwater, creating a sweet taste like natural rainwater, PERSON DRINKS ONCE BUT REMEMBER FOREVER (this is only available in AVIA 3A country).

How is AVIA water treatment different from other brands of purified water?

While other bottled water brands can also use the same water purification steps as RO reverse osmosis purification method… but AVIA owns the modern technology line of ISRAEL (made in USA) with a special filtration method, along with a natural source of water that is nowhere else to be found, helping to bring pure water with the perfect “taste”.

With AVIA, we understand that, when buying and using bottled purified water, customers always expect consistent purity and great “taste”. That is the reason why AVIA constantly researches, invests, and develops purification processes that help deliver products that exceed the purity standards required by the competent authorities.

What is reverse osmosis (RO)?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a method of water purification using a semi-permeable membrane with smaller pore sizes than microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration to remove unwanted substances in water, such as sodium and chloride…

Does AVIA's water filtration process remove beneficial substances?

AVIA’s state-of-the-art water purification technology is designed to remove harmful compounds and provide purer water to the user’s body, while also being able to retain some beneficial minerals and create So the “taste” is naturally sweet and delicious that no other pure water has. Although there will be some beneficial trace compounds that will also be removed from the water, their concentrations in the water are negligible, so the removal will not affect the health of the user.

What is the difference between mineral water, spring water, and purified water?

1. Similarities:

Mineral water, spring water, and purified water are similar in that they are all sterile, sterilized, and ensure food safety and hygiene, qualified for consumption on the market today.

2. Differences:

Springwater is a type of water originating from an underground formation flowing below the surface of the Earth, through special geological strata, so it contains a lot of minerals beneficial to health. Springwater is treated to remove bacteria and possible contaminants but Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). However, in the true sense of “sterilized natural water”, the mineral content in spring water is unstable, depending on the input water source.

– Mineral water, like spring water, is a type of water originating from underground formations, flowing through special geological layers carrying many elements, natural gas and mineral compounds good for health. However, mineral content in mineral water will be more and more stable than spring water, must ensure according to the standards of the World or Vietnam.

– Purified water is safe drinking water regulated by competent authorities, purified through modern systems to remove compounds according to standards.

The water purification systems used by AVIA use standards that are even more stringent than those set forth by the authorities. AVIA not only provides standard pure drinking water but also brings perfect “taste” to users.

Where is AVIA purified water produced?

Currently, AVIA purified water is produced at the modern AVIA Joint Stock Company’s factory located at O CN6, Nguyen Khe Industrial Park, Dong Anh, Hanoi and is distributed throughout the provinces of the country.

At the factory, AVIA is equipped with a modern filtration system according to Israeli technology (machinery made in the United States). This system is designed according to a special filtration method to provide users with the purest, juicy, and healthiest drinking water.

Does AVIA water remove bacteria or gaseous compounds?

AVIA’s water filtration systems are designed to remove bacteria, gaseous compounds, and dissolved solids that may be present in water using reverse osmosis (RO) filtration technology. In addition, we also use other filtration and sterilization steps as additional safeguards.

Does AVIA's water purification process remove pharmaceuticals?

Currently, AVIA uses the best water filtration system and technology available. This technology is internationally recognized, applying high standards. Each filtration step is designed to remove molecules such as pharmaceuticals or naturally occurring substances such as heavy metals.

Can I ask the address of 3A water distributors in Hanoi?

To know the addresses of distributors and agents of AVIA 3A in Hanoi, please look up at the link:

What is the history of AVIA purified water?

AVIA was born and has undergone the process of building, developing, and affirming the brand for over a decade. Since its launch, AVIA purified water has won the trust and love of Vietnamese consumers thanks to its excellent taste and purity and quality guaranteed to European standards. Currently, AVIA is the best-selling Vietnamese bottled purified water brand in Vietnam.

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