Why distinguish mineral water from pure water?

“What country is not water”; ‘Drink 2 liters of water a day is fine, why to distinguish’… is the common sentiment of many people. However, mineral water and purified water are different in origin, production process and therefore have various benefits for human health.

1. Origin: Not all water

Purified water can be obtained from any water source, such as well water, tap water, river water, etc.

Mineral water is a source of water accumulated deep in the ground, deposited over time through many strata, and rich in minerals. Therefore, natural mineral water has long been considered a precious gift of nature to mankind. And to find mineral water is very difficult and laborious. Therefore, natural mineral water is considered an important resource. Mining units of this type of water often have to pay a high tax on mineral resources.

In addition to the license of the Ministry of Health, the exploitation of mineral water also requires a permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the National Reserve Assessment Council. The water source for mineral water production must ensure stable flow & mineral content, no harmful microorganisms.

2. Mining process: Fast people, complicated people

Today, modern technology makes the production of purified water simpler than ever. Accordingly, water from a well, or tap water, is put into a device to filter impurities and deodorize as well as bacteria, and then bottled. There are quite a few processing stages including coarse filtration, microfiltration membrane filtration, RO filtration, UV & Ozone sterilization.

Meanwhile, the process of producing mineral water is more complicated. Mineral water must be obtained under conditions that ensure the initial cleanliness of microorganisms and the chemical composition of the basic components. At the same time, the water is not contaminated with chemicals and microorganisms, does not go through chemical treatment stages. After that, the water is bottled near the source with closed pipeline systems to ensure hygiene requirements. The mineral water treatment stages are also very strict to keep the mineral content in the mineral water intact.

3. Value: More minerals are better for health

According to nutrition experts, in the situation that Vietnamese people’s daily meals still lack 30-50% of essential minerals, drinking low-quality mineral water (on the packaging label says total dissolved solids TDS< 500 mg/liter) is one of the effective supplements solutions because mineral water is not only good but also safe to use every day. The information that low mineral water causes kidney stones is all arguments with no scientific basis.

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