Why do so many people like to drink white wine?

To explain why many people like to drink white wine, we go back to the history of human development, millions of years ago, when our ancestors depended on fruit for their survival.

As the fruit ripens, more alcohol is produced by the yeasts. And when overripe, the ethanol content in it can be up to 8%, while the ethanol content is normally ripe fruit is not more than 1%.

It was the aroma from the alcohol in the fruit that made it easier for our ancestors to find food, so that the species that depended on the fruit also evolved to find food by scent and easily collected. Absorbed by the aroma of ethanol.

According to the history of our country, our country is an agricultural country with a long tradition of wet rice cultivation. Therefore, rice products such as white wine also became popular and were used by our ancestors from generation to generation. Since then, habits and preferences for drinking white wine have also been formed and passed down through generations.

In particular, unlike normal drinks, alcohol is also a special drink when it has the ability to push people’s emotions from one level to another. Wine is also a link connecting friendship from near and far. On holidays, in gatherings and festivals, people often wish each other wine to express their affection for each other, admiration, and respect for each other.

Besides, it was found that white wine has the ability to stimulate taste buds. Therefore, people often drink alcohol at the beginning of a meal to stimulate their taste buds before enjoying the main course.

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