What is white wine? Since when is this drink available?

White wine, base wine, horizontal wine, rice wine, distilled wine, hoe wine, or national wine are all names for the type of alcohol distilled from fermented cereals made manually in folk, very popular in Vietnamese cuisine.

Wine is a drink with a long history, even the oldest living person in the world does not know when alcohol existed. However, after searching and researching, people also discovered traces that prove the long history of this drink.

In ancient Greek mythology, one of the 12 superior gods, the supreme gods, bringing people many benefits, is the god of wine Dionysus. He is described as a large fat man, with a kind face, always joking.

According to records and on stone tablets from the ancient Babylonian empire, the way to make beer has been around for nearly 4000 years. In Egypt, people also found traces of alcohol from 5000 BC. In the ancient tombs, people also found traces of 6 types of wine and 4 types of beer used to offer to the souls of the dead in eternity.

In China, alcohol has appeared for thousands of years, always present in the life, history, and literature of the Chinese people from ancient times. If anyone has been familiar with the historical Chinese novels such as: “Three Kingdoms”, “Western Han Chi”, “Shui Marquis” … all see that alcohol is a drink that exists in many important events.

For our people, the Vietnamese have known how to make wine since the dawn of the country. The book Linh Nam Chic Monster wrote: “In the early days of building the country, the people’s food was not enough. Using bark to make clothes, weaving sedge to make mats, using hem to make rice wine, taking Quang Lang powder to make cakes, using bird meat to make fish sauce, and using ginger to make salt…”.

Not only that, but wine is also a material in poetry and literature of the ancient forebears with immortal poems and poems:

“In autumn, eat bamboo shoots in winter, eat prices”

Spring bathing in a lotus pond, summer bathing in a pond

Wine to the tree we will sip

Seeing wealth is like a dream.”

With a long history of formation, living in different eras, wine is not only a drink, it also shows the culture of a country, nation, and region.

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