The difference in the way Vietnamese and foreigners drink alcohol

Each region, country, and ethnic group has a different culture and tradition. We can see that difference right in the way we drink and enjoy wine. Let’s compare that difference between Vietnamese and foreigners.

The drinking culture of Vietnamese people is very different from the drinking culture of foreigners in general. Foreigners consider drinking alcohol a very formal etiquette. They focus on rituals, how to toast with their superiors, and friends have standards. A particularly interesting feature that is different from the Vietnamese drinking culture is that foreigners enjoy wine very slowly to feel the delicious taste of wine, they think that the body’s organs can feel “pleasant”. “elegant pleasure”: the nose can smell the aroma of wine, the eyes can see the color of the wine, the tongue can enjoy the delicious taste of the wine, etc.

Not as complicated as foreigners, Vietnamese people in drinking culture don’t focus on rituals but just want to have complete and unstructured fun. Especially for the “comrades” on the wine table, they often don’t talk much nor have fancy greetings using only one-word “Dzoôo!” instead of greetings that have not been seen for a long time, best wishes for health, words of encouragement, sharing joy together, expressing close friendship and mutual understanding.

The beauty of the Vietnamese drinking culture is admired by friends around the world for its excitement, comfort, and sincerity.

How about you, do you like the beauty of enjoying the maximum flavor of wine with all 5 senses or do you want to be comfortable and natural with friends in a close and sincere way?


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