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Status: In stock

Specification: 24 bottles/carton

Made in Viet Nam


I-ON 3A Alkaline Ion Drink is a type of water invented in Japan, which helps to increase antibodies and improve health for users of all ages, including the elderly. Exploited from natural water sources, applying "smart filtration technology" of the United States and continuing to be alkalized according to modern Japanese technology by leading experts, alkaline ionized drinking water I- ON 3A helps bring about a healthy balance of elements. This type of water is especially good for people with high fever and lack of water; Helps to neutralize body acids, anti-aging, reduce stress, and is good for the skin...

- I-ON 3A: Rehydration for people with high fever and lack of water - I-ON 3A: Anti-aging, good for skin when used regularly at source - I-ON 3A: Use regularly instead of daily drinking water - I-ON 3A: For all ages, including the elderly...

Ion 3A alkaline drinking water is a product extracted from natural water sources. Applying the "Intelligent Filter Technology" of the United States and continuing to be alkalized according to modern Japanese technology, brings the balance for life. Products are manufactured and bottled under a fully closed process, which is strictly supervised by leading experts.

I-ON 3A has excellent properties and is considered a healthy drink:

- Naturally alkaline: You can drink a large amount of Ion 3A Alkaline Ion Drink to rehydrate during thirst or lack of water. I-on 3A is a daily drink product that neutralizes body acids. Alkalization is paramount to blocking and detoxifying the body.

- I-on 3A contains many healthy mineral ions: Na+, HCO-3-... And with the characteristic of small water molecule cluster size, it has the ability to penetrate quickly, with good solubility, quickly creating a feeling of refreshment. Pleasant when put into the body: Anti-stress, rehydration for dehydrated body...

- Contains Active Hydrogen at the source: Antioxidant, anti-aging for long-term users.

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