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Lack of water in the body makes us not only feel tired, but lack of water is also harmful to our health. Lack of water for a day will weaken the immune system, accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue and stress. Lack of water for 3 days or more interferes with the functioning of several organs and can also cause death in humans.

Because water plays an important role, we need to provide enough water for the body to ensure the best health. Although drinking water is an essential need of the body, drinking too much water is not good. In other words, improper drinking of water also causes bad consequences for our health. So what is the right way to drink water?

1. Drink water even when not thirsty

Thirst is a signal that tells you that you need to drink water to replenish your body. Drinking water when thirsty is understandable. But if you drink water when you feel thirsty, then your body has lost 2-5% water. Therefore, to ensure that the body is always hydrated, does not fall into a state of stress, or affects the metabolism of the organs in the body, you should drink water even when you do not feel thirsty.

2. Do not drink a lot of water right after vigorous exercise

During intense activities such as exercising or playing sports, the body loses a lot of water, so we need to quickly replenish the appropriate amount of water for the body. However, if you have a habit of drinking a lot of water right after vigorous exercise, it is not good for your health at all. Because after vigorous exercise, the body has not returned to the normal resting state, the heart is still beating fast, so if you drink water at that time, it will create more working pressure for the heart and affect other organs. other parts. Take a 10-minute break and then drink water like AVIA’s I-ON Alkaline 3A with essential minerals, both to make up for “lost” water and good for health.

3. Do not drink boiled water many times

Have you heard that boiled water can also cause cancer? The fact that water is boiled repeatedly will cause these precipitates to settle. These precipitates are usually heavy metals present in the water. Therefore, we should not use boiled water repeatedly because toxins will accumulate in the body. Instead, use AVIA’s drinking water products such as AVIA 3A or I-ON Alkaline 3A to ensure the best health.

4. Drink water while eating

The habit of drinking water while eating seems to make the stomach easier to digest, but it is not. Drinking water when eating will make the gastric juices secrete more to digest food. Drinking water with meals also increases insulin levels in the body and fat accumulation. So, if you have this habit, get rid of it quickly.

5. Drink cold water often

When you’re tired from vigorous exercise, a glass of cold water will help you stay awake, but it also has a bad effect on the stomach. Drinking cold water will cause the blood vessels in the stomach and intestines to constrict, and if you drink it regularly, it will reduce the digestive function, disinfect the intestines and stomach, leading to abdominal pain and acute diarrhea.

6. Drinking too much water

Lack of water is harmful to the body’s health, but drinking a lot of water is also not good for health. When the body has to receive too much water, the kidneys can’t work properly, which will dilute the minerals in the blood and lower the amount of sodium. This is also not good for the body, making the body tired and even fainting.

Drinking water is a basic human need. Drinking water seems to be very simple, but you also need to pay attention to drinking water properly and in moderation to ensure health.

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