Bac Ninh – From zero to the top of AVIA

With a high growth rate and five consecutive years of reaching and exceeding the targets, AVIA staff in Bac Ninh are proud of being the leading unit in the country in terms of growth and sales.

Bac Ninh is the smallest province in the country, located in the Red River Delta and the Northern Key Economic Region. This province is bordered by the northern midland in Bac Giang province. Bac Ninh City is located 30 kilometers from the center of Hanoi. Because of the favorable position, AVIA Joint Stock Company has focused on promoting the development of beverage products in this market from the beginning.

Bac Ninh is the market that consumes large quantities of AVIA alcohol and water products.

Up to now, AVIA has 1 sales supervisor and 6 sales staff that are “undercover” in Bac Ninh. Mr. Le Van Tung, the AVIA sales supervisor in Bac Ninh, said: “The staff in Bac Ninh, though modest in number, are always the “real warriors” of AVIA. They are all enthusiastic, passionate about their job and always responsible for the development of the whole company”. Regardless of the far distance or the harsh weather, the AVIA staff here regularly meet with their customers. To increase the coverage in Bac Ninh, AVIA’s “warriors” directly transported their products from the stores to the Tu Son bus station, Den Do bus station, to hospital gates.

AVIA’s “warriors” are always directly going to the area to support customers – partners

That is one of the reasons why AVIA Bac Ninh achieved sales from zero to the top of the country at the moment. One of the reasons is the special attention from the Board of Directors of AVIA Joint Stock Company in particular and the AMACCAO Group in general. “The staff in Bac Ninh always receive the attention of the Board of Directors through the training courses by Mr. To Nhat, the Vice Chairman of the Board of AMACCAO, the one who can convey the fire of enthusiasm and passion to everyone. So, we are more assured to work and contribute to the development of the company.

AVIA timely gives “hot bonus”, trips, or other presents for market staff to encourage them and uplift their spirit.

Together with the attention from the company’s Board of Directors, AVIA in Bac Ninh always develop criteria as well as offers prizes to encourage the staff here so that they will strive more and fulfill their duties. This was proven to be true when AVIA staff in Bac Ninh was given a “hot bonus” – a trip to Trang An – Bai Dinh – Ninh Binh right after achieving the target in 2017. Other benefits such as holidays, Tet, and annual trips are still maintained. These are great spiritual rewards that are not only able to motivate the staff but also connect people more with AVIA home.

AVIA staff visited and encouraged families who are victims of a house fire

In addition, as for AVIA customers, AVIAA also treats them, in the same way, to build AVIA’s image in the Bac Ninh market and also to send its gratitude to customers who support AVINAA’s alcohol-water products during this whole time. When customers unfortunately suffered a house fire, AVIAA staff directly visited and encouraged and support them by giving AVIAA – 3A’s water products so that they can be assured to overcome difficulties in their lives.

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