AVINAA – 3A Drinking water for Vietnamese health

AVIA – 3A Drinking Water is produced from a groundwater source with a depth of over 200m. AVIA – 3A Drinking Water products are processed through the most modern production system of ISRAEL (manufactured in American) with Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Ozone method.

Water is filtered through 10 levels: RO, silver nanoparticles, activated carbon, ultraviolet, etc. This filtration technology allows the removal of harmful substances. This process is monitored and verified strictly in accordance with international quality standards.

AVIA – 3A Drinking water production line

Reverse osmosis method: is a normal treatment technology in high-quality water production. With this method, water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane with strong pressure to remove the ion, water molecules build a barrier to allow others to pass through while eliminating most of the contaminants.

The ozone Water Treatment Method will oxidize the organic pollutants in water which is similar to chlorine. An ozone generator converts oxygen (O2) in the air into O3 (ozone). Note that, as the chlorine, thus the ozone sterilization process needs to calculate the ozone concentration as well as appropriate exposure time.

AVIA – 3A is drinking water to stay healthy

Especially, the application of technology allows retaining some of the minerals and natural condiments in the primordial groundwater, creating the sweetness of rainwater. ONCE DRINK, FOREVER REMEMBER (only in AVINAA – 3A water).

These are the reason why AVINAA – 3A is evaluated as one of drinking water for health, with the flavor as sweet and cool, trusted by the customers.

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