AVIA tests, prepares to put into operation the new Shochu wine production line

AVIA’s development orientation does not stop at existing product lines such as AVINAA – 3A purified water, 3A Vodka wine, cat cider, Kymoon ginseng, or Akashi alcohol products according to Japanese technology but also Japanese technology. product lines of international quality but with national spirit and national essence, expressing the Vietnamese national identity.

True to the orientation from the early days in promoting the development of international quality product lines but bearing the national soul and national essence, expressing the Vietnamese national identity, in 2020, AVIA officially cooperated with Japanese experts and partners to build shochu and sake factories and invest in the latest technology lines from Japan.

Currently, the new wine production line of AVIA Joint Stock Company has been completely installed and is in the process of trial operation by Japanese experts.

Let’s look forward to the results of AVIA’s DECISION and SUSTAINABLE labor in the past few days!

Wine tank system – a part of Shochu wine production line located at AVIA Factory – Nguyen Khe – Dong Anh – Hanoi

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