AVIA recommends – Important notes for health during the Covid 19 epidemic season

Protecting your health, supplementing with nutrients, drinking enough water every day, limiting contact with crowded places… are important notes for you to stay healthy, especially at a time when the Covid 19 epidemic is evolving rapidly equally complex.

The outbreak in China, up to now, Covid 19 has spread to 173 countries and territories around the globe. But there is no vaccine that can prevent it. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your health at the moment. Especially for young children and the elderly, people with weak resistance, easily infected if exposed.

Limit going out, go to crowded places

In addition to students, students are absent from school, most people have to go out and go to work. However, the government also recommends that at this time we should go out as little as possible, especially encouraging jobs that can be done at home.

In particular, we should avoid contact with people who have colds, coughs, and difficulty breathing. The minimum safety distance is 2m. At the same time, you must wear a mask, even in the workplace. Use a dry sanitizer solution or hand sanitizer to remove bacteria, the risk of infection after going to crowded places, contacting public surfaces (such as doorknobs, stair railings, fingerprint dots) When going to work…).

The above recommendations and instructions have been given by the Ministry of Health. Each individual needs to take it seriously and join hands to fight the epidemic.

Foods to avoid during the epidemic season are as follows:

Supplementing with enough nutrients is important to increase the body’s resistance and minimize the risk of disease transmission. However, WHO also recommends that we avoid eating foods such as:

Wild animals (especially bats, snakes, hamsters…). Not only avoiding the risk of Covid-19 infection but also avoiding the penetration of some other disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Do not eat fresh foods, seafood with lemon juice, salads, especially blood soup – one of the dishes that are at risk of spreading directly if the animal is infected with the virus.

Instead, choose foods that are healthy and nutritious. Remember to boil and cook before eating to protect the health of the whole family. In addition, you can add some spices such as garlic, pepper, etc. to both make the dish attractive and prevent diseases and increase resistance.

Drinking enough water helps to eliminate toxins and increase energy for the body

Not only at the peak of the epidemic season, but at any time, we also need to replenish the necessary amount of water for the body. Experts recommend adults maintain drinking 1.5 liters of warm water per day to remove excess substances, help skin bright and smooth.

Average about 10-15 minutes should drink a little warm water. Thus, bacteria and viruses in the throat will quickly be pushed down to the stomach. Here, the amount of acid in the stomach can destroy the source of the disease.

Drinking water is especially important for the body, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, AMACCAO – AVIA Group has donated 100,000 bottles of 3A pure water to epidemic prevention and control units, joining hands with the Government, Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, Hanoi People’s Committee, and Hanoi People’s Committee all people to prevent combat, and repel dangerous acute pneumonia epidemic. The event also shows the sense of responsibility of AMACCAO Group and AVIA Joint Stock Company to the community and society.

However, it is not always convenient to drink a glass of warm water, especially when going out. Therefore, the leading experts of AVIA Joint Stock Company – a member company of AMACCAO – have researched and successfully produced Ion 3A AVIA drinking water.

The product is a combination of the unique water source of the East of England, the smart filter technology chain of the United States, and the alkalinization according to the technology of Japan. Beneficial mineral ions such as Na+, HCO3-… in the water help replenish essential minerals, and at the same time rehydrate and remineralize the body, increase resistance, and reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Important note for health during the epidemic season – Hopefully the above information will help each of us to prevent and reverse the Covid-19 epidemic as soon as possible, and at the same time protect the health of ourselves and our families. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends to spread the message.

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