AVIA organizes training for new employees

In order for new employees to adapt to work, be confident, and work more effectively, AVIA in particular and Amaccao Group, in general, organized an integration training class for new employees.

Right from the early days of establishment, according to the general policy of Amaccao Group, AVIA Joint Stock Company has always considered human resources as an important foundation for the development of the business. Stemming from that policy, right after the recruitment process, the receiving department will organize training sessions to help new employees integrate and adapt to the job and working environment at the company.

Training class for new employees

Recently, AVIA’s new staffs attended a training and integration class organized by Amaccao Group’s Board of Directors. Ms. Pham Thi Thu, a human resources specialist who directly teaches the class. This is the third year that Ms. Thu has attended classes to train new employees of the Group.

Ms. Thu said: “The training process of new employees of AMACCAO in general and AVIA in particular greatly determines the employee’s productivity as well as their loyalty to the business. Training new employees is not only about the technical skills of their work but also the work in different departments so that they can see themselves as relevant to the overall work of the business. Moreover, the peculiarity of AMACCAO is that it is a multi-industry economic group with many member units, so this training process is necessary for employees to have an overview of the Group and its fields of Group, including AVIA”.

In addition to the introduction about the Group and its member units, this training session emphasized a lot on corporate culture, internal rules, related regulations, processes, and regulations, and especially regulations. salary, bonus, allowance, per diem are most of the attention of employees. The information is communicated in a coherent manner, clearly helping new employees to understand more about the business as well as the benefits they will receive, which means they will feel secure to give your best to the business.

The new employees are excited to discuss

It is known that, after this Integration Training program, AMACCAO Group will have specialized training courses to guide the skills corresponding to each position that new employees take. The trainers are all people with long-term working experience, and especially there are members of the Board of Directors of the Group. Particularly, AVIA Joint Stock Company will have separate training sessions for the Company’s employees at the factory as well as in many sales areas.

In addition, AVIA also invites more leading training experts to directly take classes to improve the qualifications, knowledge and practical skills of its staff, helping new employees to grasp the skills soon. skills needed to apply in future jobs. This professional skills training process makes a great contribution to helping the new workforce soon catch up with the company’s working speed, minimizing possible negligence and thereby improving efficiency business of all divisions.

New employees take souvenir photos

Hopefully, new factors added to the AMACCAO family in general and AVIA in particular will help the Group grow stronger and maintain its position in the market.


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