AVIA joins hands with Dong Anh district to fight against Covid 19

On the afternoon of August 13, 2021, at the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Dong Anh district, Ms. To Thi Ly – a member of the Board of Directors of AMACCAO Group represented the unit to present many medical supplies and equipment with a total value of 500 million dongs and 10,000 barrels of 3A pure water for epidemic prevention.

With this practical action, AMACCAO Group wishes to join hands with the leaders and people of Dong Anh district to fight against the complicated Covid-19 epidemic in the district.

Before that, AMACCAO Group has also repeatedly supported pure drinking water with human and other resources for Dong Anh district in particular and Hanoi city in general.

The successive actions are the clearest proof of social responsibility, and above all, AMACCAO wishes to spread good hearts and actions to people in difficult circumstances throughout the country.

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