AVIA Factory is honored to welcome the HAMI delegation to visit

On November 26, members of HAMI – Association of key industrial products manufacturers in Hanoi had a visit and product experience at AVIA water liquor factory.

Previously, on October 29, HAMI Association held its founding meeting with the participation of Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Mr. Nguyen Manh Quyen. This is a forum for cooperation and trade bridge for mutual development between businesses inside and outside the association, contributing to the industrialization and strong development of the capital in the future. The association has attracted more than 50 members since its inception.

Welcoming the HAMI delegation with representatives of the Board of Directors and AVIA’s staffs

Participating in the visit and working session were HAMI’s chairman, Mr. Le Vinh Son – chairman of Son Ha Group; Vice-Chairman of HAMI includes Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phu – Chairman of Sunhouse Group; Mr. Nguyen Cong Cuong – Chairman of CNC Capital Vietnam; Mr. Than Duc Viet – a member of the Board of Directors of M10 and members of the Executive Board of HAMI.

Sharing at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuyen – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Haybike Joint Stock Company said: “With AVIA, I see this as a very potential market. With a factory-like AVIA, I am completely assured of product quality. Hopefully, AVIA will develop more and more, create more and more sophisticated products, and spread Vietnamese culture more widely.”

Let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures from the recent working session.

AVIA đón đoàn HAMI về thăm nhà máy 1

AVIA đón đoàn HAMI về thăm nhà máy 2

AVIA đón đoàn HAMI về thăm nhà máy 3

AVIA đón đoàn HAMI về thăm nhà máy 4

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