AVIA – A reliable companion

AVIA – 3A drinking water produced by AVIA Joint Stock Company is always the first choice for programs and events inside and outside AMACCAO Group.

For a long time, AVIA – 3A drinking water brand has been trusted and chosen by many customers not only in families but also widely in programs, events, conferences of many other units and organizations. together. Because AVIA -3A water has a natural freshwater taste, giving users a feeling of refreshment, eliminating all fatigue after stressful working hours.

AVIA – 3A drinking water accompanies AMACCAO GROUP’s welcome events

In every event, whether small or large, of AMACCAO GROUP, AVIA – 3A water is always the first choice. AMACCAO people are always proud of having pure bottled water with natural flavors and for the health of Vietnamese people. On special occasions such as holidays, Tet, year-end summaries, or in the receptions of partners – customers, AVINAA – 3A country is a special gift that every guest must be satisfied with.

Not only serving internal activities in the system of member units of Amaccao Group, AVIA – 3A water is also trusted by many organizations and units as the official drinking water in a number of events, agencies, and social groups.

Recently, AVIA – 3A drinking water was honored to serve 1,200 delegates to the launching ceremony of the tree-planting festival in Thuong Phuc village, Bac Hong commune, Dong Anh district (Hanoi). This event was also attended and launched by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc personally.

AVIA – 3A at the launching ceremony of the tree-planting festival in Dong Anh district

At the receptions for partners – customers of AMACCAO GROUP, AVIA – 3A drinking water is always presented to guests as a special gift because we are always proud that this is a drink for the health of Vietnamese people.

AVIA – 3A in the event to welcome guests to visit the Group

AVIA accompanies sports events

AVIA – 3A drinking water is also solemnly placed on holidays and Tet at temples in Hanoi


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