AVIA-3A Bottled Water Production Line

AVIA has invested in a completely new synchronous production line for bottled water AVIA-3A.

Recently, AVIA-3A bottled water production line has officially come into operation. Water will be treated through Israel’s modern technology system (made in the USA) with a special filtration method. In addition, AVIA also uses technology that allows retaining the natural taste available in the original groundwater, creating a sweet taste like natural rainwater. – 3A).

Water, when brought up from a depth of more than 200m, is then treated through a sophisticated and modern filtration system, which is closely monitored and tested according to international quality standards.

The only AVIA-3A bottled water factory invested by Vietnamese with 100% capital with 100% equipment imported directly from the United States, fully automated.

Let’s take a look at the entire AVIA-3A water production line:

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