3A drinking water, things that cannot help but say

One of the biggest warnings to mankind in this century is not nuclear war, disease, food shortages… but WATER. This is the statement of scientists, environmental experts, and world health.

Less and less water has been warned since the beginning of the last century. But that is not the biggest threat related to water but water pollution. Diseases including cancer arise mainly from food and water sources. Therefore, for most countries in the world, food and water safety is the highest order to protect that country. And water products in the world are among the most “careful” and “supervised” products.

One question that resonates with me right now is how Vietnamese people are using drinking water every day. Many Vietnamese people are worried and bewildered by the long-term use of water that the press and media have repeatedly warned about. After only a year of use, people looked at the water tank and were horrified. A thick layer of black plastic clings around the wall of the tank or the wall of the stainless steel container. That water will enter the human body from birth to adulthood. And we don’t know what that water brings into our bodies.

That’s why so many types of water purifiers were born and no matter how difficult the family is, they have to buy one. Because they can’t indifferently put toxic things “dissolved” in their bodies every day so that one day they will get sick and won’t know how to treat them.

That’s why I entered the WATER WORLD with the brand name 3A of AMACCAO Group because the most demanding customers told me about this group’s water products. My family uses AVINAA 3A, I-on 3A water of AMACCAO Group every day, even for cooking. And I want to know how those branded water bottles and containers were born.

Special water brands from special people

The first special thing that impressed me is that the leader of AMACCAO’s water factory is all women. AMACCAO chose the leaders of this AVIA (3A) water factory for many reasons, but one reason that I find interesting is that women’s nature is always as gentle as water. Moreover, women always have the quality of being meticulous, thorough, and careful. This detail is interesting. It makes me realize the careful and extreme subtleness of the AMACCAO Group Chairman for each of his products. It was indeed an important departure for any subsequent action that I have seen in the AMACCAO Group since its inception.

The most important thing for water-related products like famous drinks in the world is the source of water. The famous Japanese sake expert working for AMACCAO told me that the water source for the famous sake product is only obtained from two places in the vast country of Japan. If water is used in other regions, the sake will degrade. That is also the reason that AMACCAO chose their current land to build this famous water plant.

Nowhere is there such clean and delicious water in the North. When deciding to produce drinking water for Vietnamese people, AMACCAO Group invited leading European experts and surveyed the water source here. They took water samples and brought them back to Europe. After thoroughly testing with the highest quality according to European standards, experts replied that the water source here is a source of extremely high standards compared to European standards for drinking water production.

It is also here that AMACCAO Group has set up a winery to produce a number of Vietnamese wines. The dream of the Chairman of AMACCAO Group is that one day, the Vietnamese liquor brand must be resounded in the international market such as Japanese sake, Korean Sochu, or Chinese Mao Dai. Mr. To Van Nam – Chairman of AMACCAO Group said, if his generation cannot do it, the next generation will do it, and then the next generation will do it until it can. That is a dream, it is a will for the Vietnamese brand.

That’s why AMACCAO Group invited a famous Japanese expert on sake production to Vietnam. This expert only accepted AMACCAO’s request when he took a water sample from this place and brought it back to Japan for testing. Because if he didn’t have a water source with all the elements for wine production, he never accepted the invitation because he knew in advance the failure of the product.

After European experts made a judgment on the quality of the water here, AVIA Joint Stock Company of AMACCAO Group has just begun to import all the most advanced production lines from Europe and the US to and from then purified water 3A (AVINAA) and then I-on 3A are born with top quality right from the first water bottle. That is the most important reason for AMACCAO’s water products, namely AVINAA 3A and I-on 3A, to seduce and even “dominate” consumers in the first time and in the first batch of products. first. This is indeed a feat of AMACCAO Group in its various products during the past 25 years. And perhaps that is the most important thing that makes AMACCAO Group leaders confident and proud of their products that “forget” their advertising campaigns throughout the history of development.

The water bottles named AVINAA 3A and I-on 3A in the “identity” card of Vietnamese beverages have been around for more than 10 years and have been welcomed by many consumers, but this product has never been introduced. A very special reason of its boss is that the Chairman of AMACCAO corporation always carries a business principle or it can be said a life principle is:

“Be kind before you talk about yourself, make a good product before you talk about it.”

But I also told the leaders of the AMACCAO Group: having a good product and not talking about it fairly is a ‘shortcoming’. Because customers or people need to know and choose what is best for their lives, especially drinking water. The quality of AVINAA 3A, and I-on 3A water bottles from the very first batch has been standardized and it hasn’t lost a single ‘grain of sand’ in quality until now for a simple reason that It is already the best product.

European standard drinking water from memory-Vietnamese taste

AVINAA 3A pure water is treated through a modern, fully automated technology system of Israel (made in the US), with reverse osmosis and ozone methods. Groundwater, after being brought up from a depth of 200m, will be treated through a sophisticated, modern and special filtration system with RO reverse osmosis technology, sterilized through ultraviolet light, and monitored and tested. extremely closely and closely by European and Japanese experts.

And 3A Ion water product is alkaline ionized drinking water invented in Japan. This product helps people increase antibodies and improve health for users of all ages, especially children and the elderly. I-on 3A is especially good for people with high fever, lack of water, helps neutralize body acids, anti-aging, reduces stress and is very good for the skin. This product is applied the smartest and most modern filter technology in the US and tested according to the No. 1 technology of Japan.

A very special thing is that AVINAA drinking water with the best European standards has a special Vietnamese flavor. I and too many people used to believe that water was odorless, tasteless. But AVINAA 3A has its unique taste. It’s the taste of rainwater. Before tasting this special drink, I heard the AMACCAO Group Chairman talk about that magical taste.

Mr. To Van Nam was born in the countryside and one of the attachments of all Vietnamese born in the countryside is the taste of rainwater. The taste of natural rainwater has followed into the dreams of such Vietnamese people. Rainwater collected from thatched roofs, from troughs of areca nut trees, from jars and jars that collect rain water in the middle of the sky… has become a cultural spirit in Vietnamese people.

Because of that beautiful and painful memory, the top leader of AMACCAO Group dreamed of that flavor for his products. And finally he fulfilled his dream. The taste of rainwater comes from the special water that they have searched for and are exploiting along with the treatment of scientific methods that leading European experts have helped them. A product has an authentic Vietnamese name when it evokes Vietnamese consumers the beautiful memories of the land they were born in and contains their spiritual life.

Even though I’ve said it before, now I have to say it again and again about why I entered the world of AMACCAO products so inspired to write about them.

One thing that seems simple but equally important is the packaging of AVINAA 3A drinking water. The water bottle feels solid, convenient, pure and clean. Having this feeling is not only the form and structure of the bottle, but the plastic that makes the bottle is primary plastic imported from Saudi Arabia. Not a single piece of recycled plastic is allowed into this production system. This is where the world’s best plastic beads are produced.

The water bottle production line system is amazing, showing that AMACCAO’s water safety is not only the source of water but also the packaging of the bottles. That’s why the “stations” that monitor and check to ensure that the bottles are always 100% sterile are set up by both modern machinery and people. There is only a certain sense of the hygienic standard of the bottles that the bottles are immediately discarded. There is a very modern double layer sterile oven that no one has the right to enter. I feel the seriousness of the producer and their responsibility to the consumer.

When you see the entire bottle and bottling system and hear AMACCAO’s water plant managers talk about AVINAA 3A and I-on 3A, you are sure to feel sweet, pure and confident. of water spreading within you.

Writer Nguyen Quang Thieu.

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