The secret to a long and healthy life by drinking alkaline ionized water from the Japanese

Japan has long been known as the country with the longest living people, with an average life expectancy of 81.9. Not only that, the Japanese are still sharp and healthy even in old age. So what is the secret that makes the Japanese do this? Find out with AVIA right in this article!

Alkaline ionized water – the secret to helping the Japanese live a long and healthy life

According to statistics, experts found that Japanese people always maintain the habit of using alkaline ionized water every day. This is one of the important secrets to help the people of the land of the rising sun stay healthy and lucid even in old age. So what is alkaline ionized water and why do they have such a good effect on the body?

What is alkaline ionized water?

Alkaline ionized water is a type of water developed by Japanese experts from the first years of the 20th century. Alkaline ionized water is also known as highly alkaline electrolyte water with a pH of 8-9.5. People make this type of water using electrolysis technology that contains OH- and H+ ions.

Benefits of using alkaline ionized drinking water

Alkaline ionized water possesses 4 preeminent properties:

  • Strong anti-oxidant
  • Ultra-small water molecules
  • Rich in natural alkalinity like green vegetables
  • Rich in micro-minerals

4 important characteristics of alkaline ionized water

Strong anti-oxidant properties

Alkaline ionized drinking water has strong antioxidant properties thanks to its high molecular weight of hydrogen – the most powerful antioxidant in nature. This molecule is a chemical-free gas, absolutely safe for health, with the ability to remove free radicals quickly and strongly. In particular, free radicals, according to analysis from experts, are the main agents that create pathogens of diseases, including cancer.

Hydrogen-rich ionized water

By containing hydrogen molecules, alkaline ionized water will help the body:

  • Slows down cell aging
  • Get rid of freedom
  • Strengthen resistance

Ultra-small ionic water molecules help absorb quickly and detoxify cells

The molecular structure of alkaline ionized water is 5 times smaller than that of normal water. This property helps alkaline ions to penetrate quickly into each cell, helping to rehydrate quickly, bringing a feeling of refreshment, alertness, and energy. Not only that, but this stream of water is also recognized for its ability to purify the body, detoxify cells… to help nutrients be better absorbed by the body.

Rich in micro-minerals

Produced on advanced electrolyte technology, so alkaline ionized drinking water has natural micromineral density Mg, Na, K, Ca, Zn, … at a suitable level for the body. These micro-minerals work to support the process of building cell tissues, strengthen the immune system, supplement calcium and prevent osteoporosis.

Rich in natural alkalinity like green vegetables

It has been found that 80% of the food people eat daily is acidic. Alkalizing the body is very necessary to limit stomach diseases, acid reflux, colitis, … due to the process of accumulating large amounts of acid for a long time.

If you use alkaline ionized water daily, you can:

  • Neutralize excess acid.
  • Bring the body back to its natural equilibrium with pH ~ 7.3 – 7.4.
  • Preventing and supporting the treatment of intestinal diseases (constipation, stomach pain, digestive disorders, acid reflux…).

Choose the best alkaline ionized water product today

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of drinking water production, AVIA is always proud to bring customers high-quality 3A alkaline ionized water bottles.

3A alkaline ionized water is a product extracted from natural water sources. Products that apply the “smart filter technology” of the United States and continue to be alkalized according to modern Japanese technology can:

  • Rehydration for people with high fever and lack of water
  • Anti-aging, good for the skin when used regularly at the source
  • Use regularly instead of daily drinking water
  • Can be used by all ages including the elderly
  • 3A alkaline ionized water

Not only focusing on production technology, the natural water source is also one of the key factors creating AVIA drinking water brand. AVIA owns one of the three best natural water sources in Hanoi. The water source here is considered by Japanese experts to be the most delicious and cool, extremely suitable for creating grade A standard water bottles. From the name that speaks of quality, 3A alkaline ionized water always ensures:

  • Grade A quality
  • Service Grade A
  • Grade A technology

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