The difference in wine making then and now

Wine is a traditional profession of our country, has a long history, and has become one of the special cultural features.

Over time, the way people cook wine has also gradually developed, with similarities and differences. Here are the key differences:

The taste of wine

Many people feel that the wine of the past was better cooked and drunk than it is today. Those who make the wine must know that the taste of wine depends on many factors such as rice, yeast, cooking, distillation, and the aging process.

Today, with the help of machines, the winemaking process has become simpler, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough steps, making the wine less delicious. Regarding rice, yeast can also be processed with many types of quality yeast combined with good rice varieties to make wine.

So the processing stage after cooking wine is the main factor determining the taste of wine. In the old days, after making wine, people often kept it in jars and crockery for half a year to a year before drinking. Meanwhile, today we often use plastic cans to store wine, the use time is also faster. Therefore, people will feel that drinking wine in the past was better and smoother than wine today.

Winemaking model

If before, making wine required a lot of time and effort of the cook because everything had to be done manually. Now, everything becomes simpler than ever thanks to the support of machines and technology.

With a system of modern technological lines, it only takes 3-4 hours to get 1 batch of wine while still ensuring all stages and good quality wine. Moreover, thanks to machines, deviations in the processing process are also minimized, harmful substances in the winemaking process are also removed, making wine safer to drink.

How to enjoy wine

Each person, each generation has a different way of thinking, a lifestyle and even a way of enjoying wine. In the past, it took a lot of effort to get a good bottle of wine, even if there was no wine to drink, people would cherish, cherish and drink it sparingly. Since then they feel more closely, more deeply the taste in each drop of wine. Now, there are many alternative drinks, the pace of life is faster so the way to drink alcohol is also faster and even alcohol becomes an option among many new drinks.


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