Stillwater market predict will be doubled in 2020

According to the bottled-water market, forecasts will be doubled in 2010, from an estimated USD 319 billion. Of which, the demand for using more better products for health, leading to an increased amount of buying products.

5 out of 10 people will choose bottled water when going to the supermarket

With more retail systems evaluated that: Food and beverage are two of the top product lines having the best growth rate in the market nowadays. These are vital necessities daily life of consumers.

Mr. Ngo Thi Binh – Representative of AVIA Co., JSC shared that: Be the leading exclusive suppliers of bottled-water products with AVINAA – 3A brands, every 10 carts in the supermarket, will have 4-5 bottled-water carts, showing the development of this industry.

In addition to the energy-providing products such as fruit juices, bottled products, purified water begins to move sharply due to the demand for using good quality water increasingly. “Previously people have viewed that, purified bottled water is also water, but somewhere is the same. However, with the development of technology, the ability to produce products that retain the minerals with change the customers’ ideas – Representative of AVIA Co., JSC.

Recent research by Euromonitor shows that the world bottled water market could be almost doubled to $ 319 billion in value by 2022.

A 2015 survey shows that the bottled beverage market has reached nearly $170 billion, which is expected to increase nearly 10% in 2020. In this segment, water will make up about 35% of the market share, while carbonated drinks reached about 22%. Bottled water will rapidly increase as consumers have preferred to drink water to provide energy.

According to the forecast by Asia-Pacific market will continue strong growth in the world, including Vietnam.

AVIA – 3A bottled water supply is not enough to supply the market

Vietnamese enterprises take advantage of the potential

The growing attractiveness of the bottled-water industry has pushed up many businesses into the field.

Established in 2008, AVIA Co., JSC (member of AMACCAO Group) with AVINAA – 3A bottled water brand has a medium scale (over 3.5 ha, including alcohol manufacturing factory system) but on average, the factory supplies about 3 million bottles per month. This figure is quite modest and still does not meet the market requirements. According to the representatives of AVIA Co., JSC, monthly, the factory can not supply enough bottled water as required by the market. So that, BODs of AVIA decided to expand production and display a complex area of five floors with an area of slabs are 5000m2 / floor.

The water filtration system of the AVIA factory is the most modern and professional

With a capacity of 15,000 purified bottled water per hour; Currently, AVIA only meets about 30% of the market requirements. With 4 volumes of 350 ml, 500 ml, 1.5 liters, and 19 liters, AVINAA-3A bottled water products are trusted by many consumers in the last years. Many customers have come to factories and expressed their desire to expand production fields, aiming to provide much more bottled water products for the Vietnamese.

AVIA has a filling system with the most modern European standards

Mr. Do Quang Huy – General Director of AVIA Co, JSC said that: Besides applying the most modern technology, the factory also follows strictly food safety and hygiene regulations from input to finished products step. The factory applies the reverse osmosis method (Reverse Osmosis) system from Japan; along with the water filtration line in accordance with European-standard.

With aiming to apply the most modern technology in production to enhance quality control, bringing the best and safest products before supplying to the market.

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