How to choose healthy bottled water

Currently, the consumer demand for bottled drinking water is very large. So, how should we choose the best-bottled water?

What is good bottled water?

Currently, the bottled water market is extremely diverse with many different brands. The desire to find a reputable bottled water brand and ensure health is a top concern. However, first, you have to understand what healthy water is?

Whether bottled water is good or not largely depends on many factors such as water source, water purification technology. In addition, it also depends on the stages of filling and labeling.

There are many sources of water being exploited today, natural mineral water is exploited from deep underground, underground water, well water, or local water (also known as tap water – the most common domestic water today).

Natural mineral water or local water basically have the same uses, and in order to use it, it must go through a water purification system. The most popular and safe water purification technology today is RO technology with a reverse osmosis process capable of eliminating up to 99% of harmful impurities, bringing pure water products to consumers. And this is also the water purification technology that AVIA JSC is using.

To get good bottled water, filling and labeling are also extremely important. Bottles and caps must be manufactured from safe plastic for consumers’ health. Bottling is done in a sterile environment, ensuring no infection.

AVIA – a brand of healthy bottled water

Launched more than 10 years ago, AVIA’s bottled water comes with two labels: AVIA-3a (already available) and Avia3a (just launched). After more than 10 years, bottled water produced by AVIA JSC has gained a certain place in the hearts of consumers. In particular, AVIA’s drinking water has been present in most of the northern provinces, always being the first choice.

Produced by groundwater taken from a depth of 200m, thanks to a modern water purification system using RO reverse osmosis technology, AVIA’s bottled water has a sweet and cool taste like natural rainwater.

Recently, in order to meet the demand for AVIA water, the Company has expanded the factory scale and invested in a new production line of bottled drinking water many times more modern than before. Hopefully, in the coming time, bottled water products in particular and AVIA’s drinking water products will continue to be loved and chosen by consumers.


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