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How to distinguish real-fake bottled water is the top concern of consumers, especially when the Lunar New Year is approaching?

According to the Association of Standards and Consumer Protection (Vinastas), the Vietnamese market has over 130 bottled mineral water products. Currently, many “underground” production facilities fake products of big brands to the market, making the management and distinguishing between real and fake increasingly complicated.

Right in Hanoi, the Association and the authorities checked and discovered that many businesses (DN) registered to produce bottled drinking water from well water, but in fact, it was taken from tap water. There is a pure water production facility but produced from bore well water; On the ground around the well, livestock and poultry are raised, leading to the possibility of pollution, osmosis of well water is very high and is only treated through a sketchy system.

Recently, big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang … have announced a series of purified bottled water brands contaminated with bacteria, especially Coliforms bacteria that can cause digestive tract diseases.

In fact, besides familiar brands such as Aquafina, LaVie, Vikoda… imitation products with similar names like Aquatina, Aquafifa, LaVie… are also flooded, misleading consumers. In addition, these bottled water brands are often sold at a much cheaper price than other well-known brands, which also somewhat “hit” consumers’ psychology.

How to distinguish real-fake bottled water is a top concern of consumers, especially when the Lunar New Year is approaching. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hau, Deputy Production Manager cum Technical Head of AVIA Alcohol Factory, under AVIA Joint Stock Company (Member of AMACCAO Group), said, Technical regulation for natural drinking water and Bottled drinking water is regulated in Decree 89/2006/ND-CP on goods labels.

Accordingly, the labeling of bottled natural mineral water must comply with regulations on product names and product designations: naturally carbonated water, low in natural gas, or no gas, supplemented with gas from the source… The name of the mineral water source and the area of ​​the mineral water source must be clearly stated on the product label. Prohibited labeling of medicinal effects…

AVIA strictly controls the production process of AVIA – 3A branded bottled drinking water

However, even with products that have all the required parameters, consumers still need to be wise. Many people have shared their experience of choosing branded products from large, reputable manufacturers with modern production lines.

For AVIA Joint Stock Company, an enterprise specializing in the production of alcohol and water products under the AVINAA brand, the water labeling always complies with the regulations on product names and product designations. AVIA factory leadership always strictly adheres to the regulations on bottled water and safe products for consumers’ health. Produced from underground water at a depth of 200m, thanks to a modern water purification system using RO reverse osmosis technology, Avinaa – 3A bottled water has a sweet and cool taste like natural rainwater, ensuring safety for consumers’ health.

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